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Hi there,

I am a blogger on Medium and my focus is tech-related articles. Most of my posts contain helpful tutorials and step-by-step guides to implementing a certain technology or pattern. 💻

My professional software career started in 2014 and I have a lot of experience with different tools and technologies. However, I also like to try out new things and teach others about them.

My main focuses are cross-platform technologies like .NET and Flutter, DevOps tools like Azure DevOps and git, and all sorts of automation tools that make my life easier. Code examples are available on my GitHub page. Click HERE to find an overview of my published articles, lists, and digital products 🚀

Digital content, ebooks, and freebies can be found on my Gumroad page. Browse around and you even might find something useful. 🎉

Check out my where you can find contact information, my curated lists, and also some freebies. ❤

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I am a Software Engineer writing about Flutter, .NET, Firebase, Azure DevOps with over 15 years of experience. Contact: