Firebase code cracked!

The ultimate Firebase guide for Flutter developers is here!

Making it work, saving time, and straight to the point are the main features of my newest ebook. Firebase development made easy!

2 min readOct 19, 2022


You know me by now, I wrote a lot about developing Flutter apps with Firebase in the past. Just recently, I published an ebook containing all my knowledge and experience about the platform.

It enables you to build Flutter apps backed by Firebase cloud services. Here are some facts:

👉 Step-by-step guides to set up Flutter apps and Firebase features
👉 Many code examples and showcase demo projects
👉 Many links, tools, and resources that will help you build apps
👉 Drawbacks or pitfalls to avoid

The content is backed by code demos, working apps, and many links to guides and official documentation if further information is needed.

Do you have an app idea, want to use Flutter, and want to go with the cloud? Then Firebase must be your choice! My ebook will save you a lot of research time and bring you closer to your final product!

You get a PDF with over 80 pages of content, over 13,000 words, close to 100 images in the step-by-step guides, lots of tips and hints, and demo applications to showcase Firebase features. This is your shortcut to becoming a real Firebaser!

Head over to my Gumroad store and grab a copy of The Flutter Firebase Compendium!

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