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Collection of Performance Tips for Flutter applications

Flutter apps are fast by default. But if you run into performance issues, check out these tips in my free ebook to speed up your apps again!

2 min readOct 4, 2022


In this ebook, I’ll present solutions to problems which are about slow app performance and high memory consumption. You probably have edgy animations, have ListViews with scrolling issues, or your app just doesn’t feel speedy at all.

To address these issues, I decided to collect the best performance and memory tips on the internet. These tips are provided by experts from the Flutter Dev team and professional mobile software developers. A link to relevant sources is provided in every section. With these tips, you should be able to solve your defects and provide a great user experience for your clients.

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Target audience

This ebook is for you if you…

▶ have laggy animations with frame drops
▶ have problems with smooth scrolling in large lists
▶ want to learn about concepts to improve performance
▶ see your app getting slower the longer you use it
▶ have an app which consumes a lot of memory

💡 Get your free copy of the Flutter Performance Tips in my Gumroad store!

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