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Watch .NET Conf 2022 to get the latest news from the .NET universe!

The virtual Microsoft .NET Conference starts on November 8th and delivers news from .NET, Azure, MAUI, Blazor, C#, and more over 3 days!

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.NET Conf 2022 is around the corner and there will be a lot of news from the .NET ecosystem. Check the agenda for details and pick your favorites. There are also local events like Watch Parties. So if you want some company and discussions with other enthusiasts, look for a local event in your area.

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My recommendations

What should you watch? Here are my tips!

Minimal APIs in .NET 7 on November 8th

Minimal APIs are a concept to build web services with very little code. Find out what new features were introduced with .NET 7.

.NET MAUI and Desktop Apps news on November 8th

For cross-platform developers, this is a must-watch. MAUI had a rough start but it’s getting better and better.

Windows Apps with WinUI3 on November 9th

If you are into Windows App development, then this is your place to be. Learn about the Windows App SDK and how you can publish your apps to the Microsoft Store.

From .NET Framework to .NET 7 on November 9th

Watch this if you want to modernize legacy .NET Framework applications and bring them to .NET about

Clean Architecture on November 10th

Learn about Clean Architecture with ASP.NET Core 7.

I am very excited about the event. Hopefully, I can find the time to watch everything that I am interested in. 🔥

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