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Who am I? What is my background? What about the profile picture? Here are some answers!

4 min readJan 13, 2022


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Hey guys,

my name is Alex, I’m from Germany and I am a passionate software developer for many many years. That’s why I’d like to bring my enthusiasm to other people who are interested in coding.

My career path

I started programming when I was around 15 (2002) and haven’t stopped since then. This was the reason I decided to study information technology at a German university and after my graduation, I worked for several software companies. Today my interests cover topics like .NET, mobile development with Flutter, or DevOps. Most of my posts will be about these areas.

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My hobbies

In my free time, I do many different sports like tennis, cycling or skiing in winter. I also like to go to bars or restaurants and to spend much time outside in the sun. Together with my girlfriend and our dog it never gets boring 😊

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My journey on Medium

I first started writing at the beginning of 2022. During my career, I spent a lot of time teaching colleagues in different areas of software development and I still enjoy it today. But to reach more people I decided to write about interesting topics that I discover during my work or in my private projects. The community here is very kind and you can learn a lot just by reading through the different articles. That’s why I chose Medium as a platform.

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My profile picture

My picture shows a Pokémon called Pachirisu. I was a big fan of the TV show and played the first games on Nintendo Game Boy when they came out but today I’m not a fan anymore. 150 Pokémon are enough in my opinion (just like good movies don’t need a second or third part) 😂
But the Pachirisu is still my default profile picture and I use it nearly everywhere because I think it’s fluffy, cute, and reminds me a bit of my dog.

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What I have published so far

Well, it’s quite a lot, so I decided to create an orientation post for you.

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🔹 Jan 2022: First article published
🔹 Feb 2022: Accepted to Medium Partner Program
🔹 Feb 2022: More than 5,000 views within 30 days for the first time
🔹 Mar 2022: Total reach over 10K 🎉
🔹 Mar 2022: 25 articles published
🔹 Mar 2022: Top Writer badge for Architecture
🔹 Mar 2022: Top Writer badge for Design
🔹 Apr 2022: More than 10,000 views within 30 days for the first time
🔹 Apr 2022: 300 followers reached
🔹 Apr 2022: More than 15,000 views within 30 days for the first time
🔹 Apr 2022: Monthly earnings over 100$ 🎉
🔹 May 2022: 50 articles published
🔹 Jun 2022: Total reach over 50K
🔹 Jun 2022: First ebook published 📙
🔹 Jun 2022: 400 followers reached
🔹 Aug 2022: 75 articles published
🔹 Aug 2022: Total reach over 75K
🔹 Sep 2022: Total reach over 100K
🔹 Oct 2022: I launched my own Medium newsletter 💌
🔹 Nov 2022: More than 20,000 views within 30 days for the first time
🔹 Nov 2022: More than 25,000 views within 30 days for the first time
🔹 Jan 2023: One year on Medium 🔥
🔹 Feb 2023: I launched my own blogging website
🔹 Mar 2023: My ebook was downloaded 100 times!
🔹 Mar 2023: I launched two free Flutter email courses
🔹 Apr 2023: Total reach over 250K
🔹 Apr 2023: Top Writer badge for Privacy
🔹 Jun 2023: New ebook about Firebase Cloud Firestore
🔹 Aug 2023: I published seven new ebooks about Firebase
🔹 Aug 2023: I launched a new Medium publication called FirebaseNinja
🔹 Sep 2023: 1K followers reached
🔹 Sep 2023: New free Firebase email course for beginners
🔹 Sep 2023: 200 articles on Medium published!
🔹 Dec 2023: Advanced Gumroad Dashboard published!
🔹 Jan 2024: One year blogging website review!
🔹 Apr 2024: New free Flutter newsletter announced!

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