What The … ?! Medium Paid Me A Bonus?!

Did I finally win the boost lottery?

2 min readNov 17


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Since August, the Medium sea has been rough.

My earnings dropped from a solid $150 to something between $30 and $50 and they haven’t recovered.

But to be fair: I didn’t write a lot during the last months. So, I won’t only blame the algorithm, but also myself.

I spent less time on Medium. I checked my stats less often (man, views are down 😥) and also my earnings.

But then today, I found this indicator in my earnings of last month. Don’t get too excited …

It’s $1.54


At first, I thought it was a joke. $1.54? Are you serious? Couldn’t you just integrate it in the reading earnings and not fool me with a banner and the word “Bonus”?

But then, it hit me. In fact, this is a 3% (more or less) bonus. Imagine that you receive that every month. How cool would that be? However, will I receive it every month? I highly doubt it…

I can’t tell you why I received it or what it means. I also don’t know what it is like to be boosted. Pretty sure, this has nothing to do with it.

Can someone spread some knowledge about this so-called “Bonus”?

And tips on how I should spend my fortune are also appreciated!

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